VCHS Kindness Week

By Molly Davis This week Valley Center High School--and Pauma-Unified School District--embarked on the annual celebration of ‘​Kindness Week.’ ​This year, despite the virtual barrier at stake, students have been banded together by the ideal that kindness is key. Teachers have assigned the unordinary task of expressing gratitude, thoughts, and pensive gestures; with the idea … Continue reading VCHS Kindness Week

My (Personal) Review of B​reaking Bad (2008-2013) **Spoilers Ahead

By Myrka TroncosoI’m sure that most of you have either heard about or seen, arguably the best television series of all time, Breaking Bad. Now notice that I used the word “arguably.” I do not believe that I am well enough immersed in television shows, to form my opinion to the best of my ability. … Continue reading My (Personal) Review of B​reaking Bad (2008-2013) **Spoilers Ahead