Perfection, nigh attainable, often pursued. A fool's errand to some, life’s purpose to others. Perfection. The erasure of flaws perhaps, or maybe the refinement of skills. Perfection is something millions have struggled for--something millions have died for. Perfection. But perfection is something that doesn’t need to be coveted--imperfections are what makes life worth living--and at … Continue reading Perfection

My (Personal) Review of B​reaking Bad (2008-2013) **Spoilers Ahead

By Myrka TroncosoI’m sure that most of you have either heard about or seen, arguably the best television series of all time, Breaking Bad. Now notice that I used the word “arguably.” I do not believe that I am well enough immersed in television shows, to form my opinion to the best of my ability. … Continue reading My (Personal) Review of B​reaking Bad (2008-2013) **Spoilers Ahead

Documentaries You Should Watch in Quarantine

By Myrka Troncoso 1) The Social Dilemma (Netflix) Summary - Experts and former employees from various social media companies analyze how technology and social media will lead to our eventual demise while also providing information about why it works the way it works and what that means for us as consumers.Personal Opinion - First and … Continue reading Documentaries You Should Watch in Quarantine


by Melvin Velasquez A speck of light shines through the cracksTwo beams of light praise the one who gave them thatA radiance of joy and lusterAn excitement for the greatness to be musteredDespite the tears and grief that will open doors for bleakeningHere blows a whirlwind of error, the light will flayDiscover your source, discover … Continue reading Growth