By Jennifer Lopez

9the Grade Opinions

The freshmen who were asked about 9-Time and the first meeting liked it or were ok with it. When those freshmen were asked about the importance of what is taught in 9-Time, most answered that they taught important or kind of important topics. The first 9-Time meeting made most of the asked freshmen feel welcome at the school. A majority of the questioned freshmen thought that being successful, social, and talking to a variety of people was very important. Some freshmen also thought that the 9-Time meeting was awkward, but that may have been because they don’t really know their mentors well since there has been only one meeting so far. Ashton Centeno strongly agrees with all of 9-Time and is 100% with it. 

There were a limited number of freshmen that didn’t enjoy 9-Time. A small handful of freshmen thought 9-Time was something you should sign up for, but most were okay with 9-Time being a normal activity. Most of the freshmen thought that they would be the same if 9-Time weren’t around. The freshmen who liked 9-Time and agreed with the meetings and topics thought it was beneficial. If 9-Time were something freshmen would have to sign up for, most would probably not sign up. Those who are fine and enjoy it would not receive the benefits from 9-Time as they do now.

Kendra Le (freshmen) enjoyed 9-Time, gave it an A+, a thumbs up, and a smiley face. She also thought it was important and beneficial for freshmen. She agreed with what they teach during 9-Time and thought it was important to feel welcome at school, be successful, and to talk to different kinds of people. Kendra Le would rate 9-Time 9.5/10. Kendra Le states: “9-Time is important for our school because it allows us to meet a variety of people older and younger & you have fun. It is a good memory.”

Older Student’s Experience with 9-Time

The older students that were asked about 9-Time mostly all answered that the school should continue to do 9-Time. A lot of the older students also answered that their 9-Time experience during their freshmen year was a good memory. The older students that said they had fun and enjoyed 9-Time also commented they had good mentors. The students said they didn’t necessarily learn anything new, but they did have fun. The older students that were asked mostly agreed with the 9-Time topics like most of the current freshmen. 

Teacher Opinions Towards 9-Time

The teachers that were asked about 9-Time liked it and think it’s beneficial for the freshmen. Those teachers also think that there is a difference between the students heeding what the teachers say and what their upperclassmen tell them. Those teachers think that the students like to listen to their peers and their upperclassmen. One of the teachers’ standpoint concerning the meetings was that the monthly meetings are convenient but the 9-Time groups should socialize more outside of those meetings.That same teacher thinks that a good combination with the students and the mentor will lead to the students having fun and being beneficial for the students.  Another of the teachers said that the 9-Time mentors should live by what they say and be good examples for the freshmen as upperclassmen. The same teacher stated that the experiences, like 9-Time, the freshmen have will shape what kind of people they will become. Both teachers thought that the students should feel welcome and a part of the school. 

Key Points and Conclusion

The freshmen students that mentioned that they had good mentors liked 9-Time more than other students. Some of the older students mentioned that having good mentors helps with the 9-Time experience. One of the teachers emphasized that having good mentors and students makes 9-Time fun and beneficial. The key thing that seems to make 9-Time enjoyable and fun is having good mentors. Based on the first 9-Time meeting that was October 6th or the 7th, most freshmen either liked or were ok with 9-Time.