By Molly Davis

This week Valley Center High School–and Pauma-Unified School District–embarked on the annual celebration of ‘​Kindness Week.’ ​This year, despite the virtual barrier at stake, students have been banded together by the ideal that kindness is key.

Teachers have assigned the unordinary task of expressing gratitude, thoughts, and pensive gestures; with the idea in mind that random acts of kindness will ultimately make a greater difference within our communities.

Contrastly, students have taken the liberty to thank their teachers for the never-ending support and the mental stamina that has been upheld throughout our online learning experience. This gratitude was expressed through “Thank You” posters that were held up during the beginning of each class. We understand that at times it may be unmotivating for teachers to mentor through a screen but the tireless work and supportive efforts are greatly appreciated.

Kindness week is celebrated nationally, and embraced by all ages. The idea of embracing random tokens of good-doing for a 7-day period was founded by the “Random Acts of Kindness Foundation” and based on the scientific fact that kindness can quite literally save a life. This foundation also focuses on the acknowledgment and appreciation for those who make a subconscious decision to choose kindness.
This being said, VCHS encourages you to choose kindness this week and every exceeding week.