By Myrka Troncoso
I’m sure that most of you have either heard about or seen, arguably the best television series of all time, Breaking Bad. Now notice that I used the word “arguably.” I do not believe that I am well enough immersed in television shows, to form my opinion to the best of my ability. Nevertheless, here is my opinion divided into some sections that I would like to shed some light on

  1. Jesse Pinkman’s Heartbreaking Journey:
    I’d like to start off with saying that Jesse was my favorite character in this show (along with Saul Goodman). I found the dynamic between him and Mr. White much like a father and son relationship, at first. Jesse’s loyalty to Mr. White was an example of the type of human being he is. Underneath his appearance, attitude, and addictions, Jesse had a huge heart. Though he was going through his own problems when Mr. White asked him to join him team, he seemingly dropped everything to help him.

The way I see it, is that like Hank, Jesse was kind of a victim of Mr. White’s. If Mr. White, hadn’t forcefully recruited Jesse, he may have led a better life and one where he wasn’t fearing for his death at every second. Everything bad happened to Jesse once Mr. White came into his life.

2. Hank’s Death
In the beginning of the series, I didn’t care for Hank. He was just a character that happened to be in the DEA and of really close family contact to Mr. White. I only saw him as a means to spice up the plot and make the show much more interesting. However, upon his first assassination attempt, I found myself worrying about his character’s fate. While it is customary for the audience to flock to the “good” side, the opposite seemed to happen to the audience of Breaking Bad. A larger number of people find themselves on Mr. White’s side, opposing Hank. While I was persuaded to be on Mr. White’s side at first (since my favorite character was on that side), I realized that Hank is just doing his job. It is not like he’s out to get Mr. White (well at first). He went through a lot of emotional, mental, and physical problems throughout the show only for his death to come right after he discovered Mr. White to be infamous drug kingpin, “Heisenberg.” He died because of Mr. White’s fault in the desert after he had spent months trying to find Heisenberg.

3. The Skyler White Dilemma
I am very much aware the Skyler White is not well liked amongst Breaking Bad watchers. Some go even as far as calling her “the real villain.” Now, I did not find myself hating Skyler nor anyone else in the show for that matter. There was moments were she along with other characters, made me slightly upset but not to a large extent. Skyler was really supportive of Mr. White upon his cancer diagnosis and did everything to help him through his chemotherapy. However, after Season 1, she would leave

the house unexpectedly and later in the show even commit adultery with her boss at a firm she worked at. Though I am not at all trying to defend her choices, I can understand that she probably felt lonely with Mr. White’s absence while he was off with Jesse in the desert. I can imagine that her husband’s cancer diagnosis had taken a huge toll on her and his constant absence only added more pain to the wound. That is why she confided in her boss. She never loved or even liked him, she had always loved Mr. White but his strange behavior led her too make bad decisions and confide in her boss. As to her wanting to divorce Mr. White, would you keep your marriage after finding out that your partner was an infamous drug kingpin?

4. From Walter White to Heisenberg
Mr. White had begun venturing into the drug business to make enough money for his family after his death, so that they would never have to worry about money ever again. However, after it became apparent that the chemotherapy had worked and he no longer had cancer, he was fully stuck in the drug business with no way out. I understand that people that are in that business are mentally strong and sometimes even numb to committing crimes or witnessing horrible scenes. At first, I completely thought to myself that Mr. White would never become a cold-blooded person. But as the show progressed he became increasingly hostile. I no longer found his character enjoyable but rather disturbing. The moment where I realized he was no longer the original person that the show had commenced with, was when he watched Jesse’s girlfriend overdose with his own eyes and did nothing to stop it. The blatant disregard and the way it didn’t even affect him, led me to believe that the Mr. White I knew, was dead but his inner Heinsenberg, alive.

*Overall, I found this show to be very enjoyable. I definitely recommend it to anyone who has not watched it. It is now time for me to watch ​Better Call Saul!