By Roxanna Placensia

Teens are becoming more vocal about the pressing issues that we are facing in the world and are taking action for what they believe in. On our campus, Teen Activists Club allows students to voice their opinions and beliefs in a safe environment. The leaders of this club want to bring forth students who want to be heard and who want to create change.

The club’s ultimate goal is to create an inclusive environment for students to express their opinions and standpoints. In addition, they want to keep students informed with current events because it is important to stay involved and understand what is happening in the world around us. Why is it important to be well knowledgeable about world issues? To put it in the words who said it best, “​Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I’ll remember. Involve me, I’ll understand​” expressed Benjamin Franklin.

Teen Activist Club is currently working on a new project, which is supporting a non-profit organization called No Kid Hungry. This nonprofit is endeavoring to put an end to child hunger and poverty. Teen Activist Club is trying to fundraise to support this organization. Furthermore, on their social media page on Instagram they are organizing a virtual protest, where students can take a picture of something that represents what they are fighting for. To learn more about these projects and future events follow Teen Activist Club on Instagram.

The vision for the future of the club is to draw in more students, who are passionate about what they believe in. The topics that might be covered in Teen Activist meetings may not be comfortable, but are essential conversations that need to be discussed. Sometimes the hardest conversations are the most important ones. Be courageous and speak up for issues that matter to you because you never know what change could come out from it.

Meetings:​ they held every other Monday at 11 a.m.

Follow the Teen Activists Club on Instagram:​ @vchs.teen.activists

Cabinet – who make this club possible:
President – Tylor Westlund
Vice Presidents – Rania Price & Alayna Hoff Treasurer – Brianna Angel
Secretary – Emma Lopez