By Maribel Romo

Following a school board meeting, it has been decided that it is time for students to finally head back to VCHS! Even though school is reopening, there are still guidelines to be met due to covid.

As with everywhere else in the world, masks are going to be required to enter campus as well as the six feet apart distance rule. It is recommended that students arrive at school early so they have time to go through the health screening. At the health screening, there will be a health questionnaire as well as hand sanitizer and a temperature test. This health screening will be what makes sure you can get on campus safely. As for school transportation, your drop off area depends on your mode of transportation. Those who ride the bus will be dropped off at the bus lane gate. Students that are dropped off will be dropped off at the upper parking lot and enter through the attendance office gate. Those who are old enough to drive themselves will park at the lower lot and make their way up the stairs to get screened.

A new schedule is also being given to students. Both hybrid and online students will start classes at 7:45 and finish at 1:45pm. As for classes, students will have a path set out to ensure that they get to class. When they get to their classes, there will be hand sanitizer as well as socially distanced desks. After class you will need to clean your desk and chair for the next student. To make the campus even safer, the amount of people on campus will be divided. Students will be divided into 2 groups: Green or blue. These groups each take their turns on campus with the green group heading to school on Wednesday and Friday while the blue group takes charge on Tuesday and Thursday. The group that is not on campus will continue their schooling from home. Periods 1,3 and 5 will be covered on Tuesday and Wednesday while periods 2,4 and 6 take place on Thursday and Friday. Mondays will consist of both groups staying home and doing schooling from there. Those who chose online will not be going to campus but will stay online for the whole year. So for those returning back to campus, please remember to wear your mask to ensure a safe return to VCHS!