By Roxanna Placensia

This school year has taken an unexpected turn, from learning at school to learning virtually has been a big adjustment for students. Due to these circumstances, incoming freshmen have not been able to attend the beginning of their first semester at the high school in person. After consulting with a few of the freshmen, the majority shared the same perspective on the difficulties and benefits of online school. Here were the following questions and answers:

How did you feel entering a new school and grade with virtual learning? Has it been difficult?

Many replied that it was difficult to start a new school year with online learning. Their first day of high school was over zoom, which was disappointing to some because they were not able to catch up with friends and meet their new teachers in person. Furthermore, some of the hardships they faced was the learning aspect of school. Numerous stated that it was a bit more challenging to understand the material over zoom than it would have been in school.

Is it worrisome going to high school for the first time under these conditions?

Majority of the freshmen said they were worried because of the pandemic that is currently happening, but they understand the school is taking all the precautions needed to return safely. In addition, they were concerned that they would have different cohorts than their friends. As a reminder, there will most likely be other students in your situation who are feeling the same way.

If you chose hybrid, what are you most excited about when returning to school?

Ninth graders are looking forward to seeing their teachers and friends in person. Not to mention, they are also eager to be hands-on with the clubs they have joined. The incoming freshmen are ready to explore their new beginnings on our campus.
On a final note, this year is going to be completely different from our previous school years, but that does not mean it is going to be any less enjoyable. Every teacher, staff member, and student are trying to make this year memorable.