By Myrka Troncoso

1) The Social Dilemma (Netflix)

Summary – Experts and former employees from various social media companies analyze how technology and social media will lead to our eventual demise while also providing information about why it works the way it works and what that means for us as consumers.
Personal Opinion – First and foremost, this film made me want to throw my phone away. For those interested and intrigued by how technology and social media ties into our sociology, this a great film. I do not recommend it as much for people who find themselves easily disturbed. This a film for people who are intrigued and that will not shaken by the facts presented; therefore, mentally strong people should be main viewers.

2) Abducted in Plain Sight (Netflix)

Summary: A young girl is repeatedly kidnapped by the same man throughout her childhood.

Personal Opinion: This film is for those who are looking for the shock factor in documentaries. People who are looking to get their mind blown are also encouraged. I, however, do not recommend this film for those who are easily scared or creeped out. While it does not include any sort of scary factors, the shock factor is sufficient to allow people to feel discomfort.

3) Free Solo (Disney+)

Summary: In this Oscar-winning film, Alex Honnold, a free climber, decides to venture into his dream: climbing El Capitan in Yosemite without any ropes.
Personal Opinion: Regardless if you are interested in the sport of rock climbing or not, this is amazing film everyone should watch. It may induce some anxiety in viewers that become easily anxious. It is sure to have viewers on the edge of their seats and very interested.

4) Anne Frank Parallel Stories (Netflix)

Summary: Helen Mirren, recounts Anne Frank’s diary while she discusses stories of other young girls and their stories during the Holocaust.
Personal Opinion: This film is great for those who have read The Diary of Young Girl by Anne Frank and wish to gain more insight. Nevertheless, those who have not read the book should still watch it as it provides an overview of the subject matter. It is a little slow at some points but it regains itself by the heartfelt stories it portrays. While it is very sad, it also informative and puts a spin on the original story of Anne Frank everyone is familiar with.

5) Three Identical Strangers (Hulu)

Summary: Three brothers separated at birth reunite after 19 years and learn how to navigate life with the aftermath of it all.
Personal Opinion: For people looking for a heart-warming film, this a great choice. For people looking for something in the style of casual viewing this is also a good choice. It is an unbelievable story that will make audiences feel sad and happy at the same time while also teaching them the power of brotherhood.

6) Apollo 11 (Hulu)

Summary: Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins make their way to moon through this never before seen footage.
Personal Opinion: This film is solely based on recovered footage so there is an atmosphere of wonder and intriguing feelings. For those who like documentaries that get straight to the point this an amazing choice because there is no interviews, just mere footage in chronological order of the moon landing and the process of it all. For those who do not believe in the moon landing or form some speculation about it, it may also be a good idea to view this film and draw further conclusions from it. Lastly, this film is sure to leave the audience pondering on what we are capable of.

7) American Factory (Netflix)

Summary: In this Oscar-winning film, a Chinese billionaire opens a new factory in an abandoned plant. Complications arise when high-tech China and working-class America clash against each other.
Personal Opinion: This film did not seem to me to be particularly aimed to at any group of people. With that being said, everyone should see this film. Through it, audiences will get to better understand American work ethic and Chinese work ethic. The backbone of what makes a factory work effectively and efficiently is broadcasted with effective technique. The film is also effective in pushing the audience to learn about the difference between China and the U.S in the work area and in the mentality both countries portray regarding work at factories.