By Aria Hughes

Starting off the school year in a virtual setting has not been the easiest task; however, our VCHS staff and leadership members have done their best to help make the transition smoother. The members of leadership that are in charge of VC Time have taken it upon themselves to create a helpful, interactive source of information that students and even parents are able to access.
The VC Time team have successfully produced entertaining, yet informative videos that highlight crucial information while balancing it with fun and creative content for students to enjoy. VC Time has created segments and activities that showcase students around the VCHS campus such as Acts of Kindness, Crazy Classroom Competition, Minecraft Build Battle, and a Pumpkin Carving Contest. Despite being in a completely virtual learning environment, they have done a wonderful job at keeping students actively engaged in the Valley Center High School community.
The amazing student in charge of the VC Time team is none other than Christina Joslyn–a senior at Valley Center High School. An interview done with Christina provides an inside perspective on how the VC Time team creates and manages the tasks they are given.

Q: What is the process of making VC Time videos?

A: We make a plan starting every weekend before the episode is aired and I put people in charge of different segments and make sure they know what they are doing. Then on Thursdays I have a deadline for turning in videos (1 in the afternoon) and I put the VC Time together and share it with the principal, Mrs. Fleck, and the student in charge of the VCHS instagram.

Q: How do you lead your group?

A: I just make sure they meet deadlines and make sure they understand what they are filming or

Q: How does your team come up with ideas?

A: We actually have a Google Doc that people can put ideas on or we just see what is happening at school or any events coming up.

Q: Has the transition to virtual learning affected your team’s ability to produce VC Time? In what way?

A: It hasn’t really affected our VC Time because it was virtual in the first place. It was difficult at first figuring out how to get everyone’s segments but we figured out how to get it done.

Q: What are some things you have done to keep students engaged and involved with the VCHS community while being in our virtual setting?

A: We make sure that students give us ideas and we have been working with ASB very closely to include everyone from campus with spirit days or fun competitions.

It is clear that the members of the VC Time and leadership teams have made sure that students are involved and informed, while being in a virtual setting. They have done their best to adjust to a new setting and provide weekly content for the students and more–they are hard-working, diligent students that have produced quality content for the entire VCHS community. Balancing important information from Mr. Hailwood and entertaining, enjoyable content is not an easy task; however, the VC Time team has done an exceptional job at keeping the Valley Center High School community well informed and engaged during these complicated times of Covid-19.