by Rania Price and Brianna Angel

As 2019 and past decade has come to a close, the new year of 2020 has approached us. Let’s take a look at the student and staff predictions of this year ahead. As the conflict between Iran and the United States has permeated throughout national news, mixed opinions have been stated about the future regarding this event. As there have been rumors of a potential war, some people such as Allan Marks do not think that the United States will go to war with Iran. Others believe that all citizens will be unquestionably drafted into the nuclear War World III. Regarding the incessant issue of climate change, Myrka Troncoso believes that “Climate Change is going to change, possibly and sadly for the worst.” As the clock counts down to the presidential election, Mr. Chew predicts that “The 2020 presidential election will be a very devise one.” With the current popularity of children using yoga balls, Mr. Jones’s believes that “Yoga balls will destroy families.” JD Shaposhnik is certain that “This year will not be fun.” Moving toward the positive thoughts of the year, Jose Arguello is confident he will pass AP Spanish. Jonny Gomez stated that he hopes “People will finally stop confusing me with my twin.” As baseball season is around the corner, Mr. Johnson speculates that the New York Mets will win the World Series this year. Overall, the year of 2020 has the potential for various events but remains an enigma for now.
A special thank you to our participants in the 2020 prediction interviews:
Myrka Troncoso
Catarina Lucas
Anna Martinez
Sweheilendy Oregon
Jose Arguello
Allan Marks
Jonny Gomez
JD Shaposhnik
Mr. Jones
Mr. Chew
Mr. Johnson