by Cristina Gaspar

Participant Meeting: Friday, January 10th during lunch in 302 

Coaching Available: During lunch in 302 

Entry Form Due: NO LATER THAN Friday, January 17th to room 302 

School Competition: Monday, January 27th in the Maxine (periods 1-4) 

If you participate in the Poetry Out Loud school competition, you must be prepared with the following: 

  • TWO memorized poems— one must be 25 lines or fewer and one must be written before the 20th century. All poems must come from the Poetry Out Loud website: 
  • Appropriate attire 

Preparation: In order to complete at a high level, visit the above website for examples, judging criteria, and performance advice. Mrs. Rienick is available for coaching during lunch (Room 302). 

Awards: This year, Valley Center High School is competing with other schools in the county. That means the winner and runner-up from our school will compete with the other winners in the SAN DIEGO REGIONAL COMPETITION on Tuesday, February 4th. The winner of the Regional Competition will go directly to the state competition in Sacramento. If you go to the state competition, you will need a 3rd poem. Choose your 3rd poem noe if you plan on winning the regional competition! The winner of the state competition will go to the national competition in Washington D.C.. Prizes are as follows:

Winner of the school competition: Award Certificate 

WInner of the regional competition: Award Certificate and a trip to Sacramento 

Winner of the state competition: $200 and a trip to Washington D.C. 

Runner-up of the state competition: $100 

Winner of the national competition: $20,000