This will be an ongoing post of different “Who am I?” statements. These statements are from people who make up the Valley Center High School community. If you are inspired to write a “Who am I?” statement, come to room 803 on Wednesday’s during lunch to submit yours.


I am charismatic and imaginative.
I wonder what I would be doing in 10 years from now.
I see diversity all around me.
I want to gain as much knowledge as I can.
I am charismatic and imaginative.

I pretend to be my role model.
I feel happy and sad.
I cry when I’m really happy and sad.
I worry about animals and people who are abandoned.
I am charismatic and imaginative.

I understand that things happen for a reason.
I say that God has a plan for everyone.
I dream about the unrealistic world.
I try my best at the things I do.
I hope for peace.
I am Elizabeth Zorrilla, Liz, Lizzypooh


I want to change the world.
I want to be president of the United States.
I want to be a Dartmouth student.

I am a dreamer with an intent to pursue my dreams, no matter how many times I fail.

I am confident in my ability to achieve my dreams, so when people give me a reality check I am pretty shocked.

I am a loser. But they often say you grow from your failures.

I am a die hard fan of hard rock, but I am often called a “soft girl”. (Tik tok scares me).

I am both guatemalan and white. Always bouncing back and forth between the two communities at my school.

I am a leader, bridge builder and a person who is passionate for perspectives.

I am a person who seeks to understand both sides of an argument.

I am adventurous and kind. Always making up plans for my friends and I to enjoy. Plans that are pretty radical(one time we went to Mexico for two days).

I am a mediocre surfer but I will always put in the effort to try.

I am in love with the connections between economic anthropology and politics.

I am a person who will wait two hours to tell Elizabeth Warren that I am running for President in 2052 and grab a selfie.

I am to some Avita.
I am to some Ava.
I am to some Ms. President.
I am to some a friend without a name.