by Makena Shaffer

Nervousness is normal on tests and exams, but when it becomes hard to take the exam because the anxiety is too much; That is test anxiety. It can be linked to many things such as: feeling unprepared, be afraid of failing, not doing well on previous tests, or all of the above. When taking a test and before the brain is releasing adrenaline, the brain releases these in stressful situations,  this hormone is correlated with “Fight or Flight.” It might make people feel nauseous, or get shaking, sweating hands and it can be distracting. There are easy and little things you can do to help calm you before you exams. 

  1. Make sure to be prepared

Study your notes, re-read the material and metal prepare for the test. Get a good head space

  1. Get enough sleep

Don’t stay up all night in a coffee filled craze to make sure you’re ready, It will only make this worse. Go to bed early and get in your eight hours.

  1. Kick the bad thoughts out 

As cheesy as it sounds you need to be positive. Look at yourself in the mirror and say you got this, it will help you feel more confident in your answers.

  1. Don’t be a perfectionist

An A+ is great and all but perfection is impossible, as long as you try your best, that’s all you can do.

  1. Take some deep breaths

Center yourself and calm down. A few years from now you will not still be affected by a C on an exam, so there is no need to freak out. The calmer you are the better you will focus

Tests can be a lot to handle but with these tips, and some of your own methods, I’m sure you’ll master test taking. Just remember that no matter what, you tried your best and that’s what really counts. And if all else fails, ask for extra credit!