by Sophia Cox

The summer of 2019 was filled with salty hair and tan skin all thanks to Valley Center’s newly established surf club. You may be thinking, how on earth does Valley Center have a surf club? The answer is simple, Andrew Kordik.

Mr. Kordik is a teacher at Valley Center Highschool and an avid surfer himself. He started this club in June just as the school year was wrapping up by getting the word out to as many interested students as possible. Let’s just say it was a success. Over the summer, the club met weekly on Tuesdays from 9 am to 12 pm at Tamarack Beach in Carlsbad. Students who have never touched a surfboard to students who have been surfing for eight years came together on Tuesdays to ride the waves. 

On a typical Tuesday, members of the club would meet by lifeguard tower 36 to suit up for their surf session. This included squeezing into an old wetsuit of Mr. Kordik’s, to plastering their faces with sunscreen, or waxing up their boards. After all that preparation, it was time to take on the waves for a magical three hours. Besides the beautiful sets, there would be the occasional dolphin or even the recurring seal that made its presence known among the surfers; although, they were never lucky enough to spot a shark. By the end of the morning, club members were wiped out physically and mentally, so a tradition was started to go out to eat as a club following the surf sesh. In-N-Out, Raising Cane’s, Board and Brew, Pizza Port, fish and chips, you name it, the surf club had eaten there. 

Another thing the members shared together were the boards borrowed from Mr. Kordik that provided the necessary stepping stones to being able to stand up on a wave; however, a common trend–of buying personal classic Costco foam longboards–appeared early in the club’s creation. This is evident through my own personal experiences. On day one of surf club I snapped a board of Mr. Kordik’s in half on my first wave, but by the end of the summer I was able to catch waves with face. Not only did surf club provided a spot for students to gain experience in a unique sport, but also a spot for friendships to be made and flourish. It was a sanctuary where students could come to have a good time and leave their troubles on the sand.  

Summer has passed and Fall is beginning to set in, meaning the sunny California days are long gone, but no matter the weather Surf Club is set to continue. Everyone is welcome to come and catch some waves no matter your skill level. An important note to mention is that the club does not meet on a set schedule anymore. They now meet on weekends when the members are available to hang loose and squeeze surf time into their busy lives. Although, if this sounds like an activity you would be interested in, feel free to ask Mr. Kordik when the next meeting will be held. You may also contact President Ava Downey or Vice President Sophia Cox via instagram @a.vajm and @sophiacoxx. The more members the merrier, so don’t be shy!