by Jessica Hege & Lunna Mikhail

On October 2nd, 2019 our Valley Center Volleyball team played against Escondido High School. The Varsity coach is Aiyanna Coleman, and she coaches alongside Junior Varsity coach Andres Ramirez and Novice coach Rebecca Rutherford. With, lots of energy from the crowd and the sideline the Varsity team was in high spirits and had lots of energy on the court. The game first started out rough with Escondido in the lead twelve points. With the help of the Varsity captains, Isabel Stehly and Rachel Ryan, the team was able to get back some of the points that they lost. By the end of the first set our Varsity team sadly lost their first set. A full game is best three out of five; with only set lost they still have a chance to win the full game. By the time the third set came around, Escondido was in the lead with two sets won out of five. However, our Varsity team kept fighting, but in the end they did loose. The end score was eighteen to twenty five. Even though they lost against Escondido they still have a chance to get redemption. Unless something changes in the schedule the Valley Center Volleyball team plays against Escondido at home on October 18, 2019.