by Sadie Stevens

A literal and figurative, hot topic of 2019 has been the burning of the Amazon Rainforest. Our beloved rainforest, that is the habitat for thousands of different species and producer of 20% of Earth’s oxygen, is currently up in flames. It has been in flames for months and continues to burn as we speak. It is not completely clear how much damage the tens of thousands of blazes will cause as they continue, but we do know that it will be catastrophic. Not only is the fire producing immense amounts of carbon dioxide, but the plants that would have consumed most of that carbon dioxide are the ones being burned. The extra carbon dioxide will get trapped in our atmosphere and increase climate change drastically, leaving us in an endless cycle of planet damage. Along with that, all plans to improve climate change are for the future, when we need to work now. If we do nothing now, the damage will be inevitable and unavoidable for our future generations. So what will you do to help save our planet?