A whole other world exists across Mr. Whitcomb’s door in room 605: Whitopia. In room 605 exists a economy separate from the US; its own stock, real estate and consumer markets. In Whitopia, how well you do in the economy will give you a grade out of ten at the end of the semester. So, I–making around 35,000 whitopian dollars–have created some tips on how to become successful in Whitopia.

  1. Buy as much real estate as you can
  2. Be careful investing in the stock market. It can be risky because it all depends on a roll of a die
  3. Sell things on the market
  4. Become a senator
  5. Don’t spend your money–save it
  6. Don’t create a corporation–if you do you have to share your money with other people
  7. Become a real estate agent
  8. Participate in class–Mr. Whitcomb will reward you
  9. Get as many jobs as you can
  10. Always flex your fat stacks