Maria Tomas is a Sophomore here at VCHS and at the top of her competitive class. Maria, regarded by classmates, is quiet; however, always working hard. In her AP Statistics class–which is a class usually for seniors–is described as a “Silent Storm”.

As her fellow senior classmate Ryenne Stehly says, “She is not only a stud student but a fab friend and I enjoy being in a group with her, Ryan Chapp, and Ava Downey. They are helping make my senior year the best yet!”

Maria currently maintains a high GPA and is involved in field hockey, track and field, Key Club, Interact, CSF and HOSA. She plans to go to college (potentially Berkeley) once she graduates and wants to pursue a career in the medical field, specifically becoming physician.

Fun facts about Maria:

  1. Favorite food: Tacos
  2. Favorite beverage: Raspberry Iced Tea
  3. Favorite color: Black
  4. Favorite book: Unwind by Neal Shusterman
  5. Favorite TV show:
  6. Favorite class: Language Arts
  7. Favorite subject: math (specifically algebra)
  8. Favorite sport to watch: Field Hockey
  9. Favorite flavor: Strawberrry
  10. Advice to give overachieving incoming freshman: High School is full of opportunities of trying new activities, even if they seem intimidating at first. I’d say that it’s best to take a risk to find out what interests you whether it’s a club, sport, elective, or a class. Never let fear or worry get in the way of what you want to do and always strive to achieve your best.