As the fall sport season end, the last sports game’s get very intense. The plays and moves that the players make are crucial as they head into their final games. Players at this point are playing with full effort to finish with a strong season. This week we get to find out more about the insides of how the girls Cross Country team feel as they head into their CIF race. We interviewed the captains of the girls varsity cross country team to see how they’re feeling for their last important upcoming race.

Girls Cross Country

Q: “First thing is first, how are you feeling towards the last couple of races?”

A: “I’m feeling pretty confident.”

A: “Super excited.”

Q: “How important is this last race?”

A: “It is very important to me.”

A: “Very important because it determines if we are going to be able to qualify for the state meet.”

Q: “What are you guys doing in preparation for this?”

A: “Drink a lot of water, eating a lot of pasta, and rolling out.”

A: “Hydrating, extra sleep, full meals, trying to stay stress free.”

Q: “What do you girls do before the starting line?”

A: “Run a couple of strides then clear my mind.”

A: “I make sure I keep moving so my muscles stay warm and visualize how I want the race to go.”

Q: “What are your thoughts before the gun goes off?”

A: “I don’t think about anything because if I do, it throws off my focus for the rest of the race.”

A: “Time to take the money out of the bank.”

By Liz Zorrilla 

Girls Cross Country took 3rd in CIF on November 17th