We interviewed Hunter Shumake who is a senior in ASB in charge of the sound system and music.

What got you into mixing?

Well, Sophomore year, I started doing music with ASB [I] learned how to set it [sound system] up and then just kind of naturally and organically progressed into full on mixing and being quote a “DJ” then just playing music. Last year a guy had a board that we used  and we just kind of looked into it as a ASB class and we grabbed a board [mixer board] and the rest is history.

What is your favorite part about DJing after parties?

Favorite part about DJing after parties would have to be learning new types of music, its fun to do, and its a unique experience many students don’t get to experience. Its cool to get to play music for people…its different. Also when the crowd gets into it and your hitting the next banger after next and it organically kind of gets going.

What are the top songs that get people the most rowdy?

Mo Bamba*

Get Low- Lil John

Plain Jane- A$AP Ferg

Usher and Pitbull


Two Categories:

Get down ? or Get Down?

What makes you choose your songs?

Initially, when there is a line to get in [we play] more of just music to play in the background when people are coming in. The ‘crowd pleasers’ aren’t the songs that people don’t want to hear… you want to save those songs for a little later in the night. Once the crowd starts developing, that is when you get into the songs that the crowd and everyone knows.

What part about being in charge of the sound system in ASB do you like the most?

The best part about leading is just being able to play the music, the set-up is a little bit of a pain when you have to move it from different events, but when you are actually playing it, it all kind of is rewarding. That is the best part about it. Plus chilling with the boys, shout out to VCHS Roadie Crew.

What are your future plans after you graduate?

Future plans… go to college, one form or another, I do not know where yet. Get some school in and try to find something I love in life, but maybe a little DJing on the side [to] keep that going.

Will you continue mixing in college?

I defiantly plan to keep mixing, in one form or another, maybe [I will] do it more on the side more so just for my own enjoyment, not so much for other people.

Interview by Ava Downey