Were you confused, stressed, or happy this week? Is practice tough? Do you have a lot of homework? Do you try to look cute or comfy? This week has been tough for many of our fellow jaguars; however, many jaguars are excited for events at school. I visited classrooms this week and captured the most relatable moods this week.


Mood: “I just wrote down the answer and now you want me to restate the question? Are you serious?!”


Mood: “Yes girl yes! Of course I’ll go with you to the football game!”


Mood: “Wait. You said that you dropped your PB&J sandwich and you still ate it?”


Mood: When the room is too cold so you put your jacket on and you fall asleep.


Teacher: “Put your food away, please.”

Student: “Just one more bite..”

Teacher: “DETENTION!”


Mood: *Thought it was still Monday when it was a Thursday*


Friend: “What do you call a dinosaur that sleeps?… A dino-snore!



By Liz Zorrilla