Grace Chaney, a VCHS student, decided to make a Student Democrats of America club. She was inspired to create the club by the lack of democratic representation in Valley Center. The goal of the club is to unify a unique group of students in a town where they are a minority. On the first meeting Grace Chaney was joined by her co-president Maya Gosh and Sadie Wajte, secretary. They emphasize that being a member of Student Democrats of America Club does not mean you belong to the democratic party or have the same views, they just want to unite students together. Student Democrats of America Club wants to educate and inform students of political topics including: Native American representation, the environment, pro-life, immigration, Black Lives Matter and more.  Chaney hopes to have different speakers with different opinions to come and speak on important issues. Student Democrats of America club will meet at least twice a month on Tuesday at lunch in Mrs. Fleck’s room.