On Friday, the 21st of September,  our Valley Center Cross Country team took to the racecourse at the South Bay Invitational and found success. Our front runners were: Rachel Favela (V), Jose Saldana (V), Eli Martineau (jv), and Sharon Giron (jv). The girls Varsity team, composed of: Rachel Favela, Madeline Marron, Soleil Escalante, Liz Zorilla, Melissa Loera, Abby Cotton, and Gabi Olivera, were able to consolidate their forces and slide into 3rd place as a team. The boys Varsity team, made up of: Jose Saldana, Julian Alvarez, Alejandro Cuevas, Teddy Ford, Daniel Maldonado, and Gonzalo Thomas, are working hard to get back to their former glory with a disappointing team ranking of 16th place. However, the boys Junior Varsity found great success with Eli Martineau coming in 1st and Poncho Samano in 3rd and an overall team place of 9th. Just like the girls Varsity, the girls Junior Varsity did a stupendous job working together to secure a 5th place team spot. All in all, the Cross Country team worked their hardest and we are so proud. Go Jags!