When students at VCHS were sleeping late and waking up even more late, the Valley Center Cross Country team would wake up early to run at 7:00 am every single day from  the begining of the summer. They trained and put in hard work to be able to run at the annual Big Bear camp where they were accompanied by Cathedral Catholic High School and Mt. Carmel, two great and fierce schools.


At the camp, they would have to be ready by 7:30am to run their morning run. In the afternoon, they ran their second run of the day, a total of 2 runs every day. They repeated their routine for 4 days but on the last day of the camp, the runners woke up at 6am to complete the famous big man challenge which was a total of 8 miles. In those 8 miles, it was combination of enormous hills and soft sand, which as many know, it is difficult to run on.  After completing the challenge they all headed back to their cabins and cleaned up to get ready to come back home.


From the results of this camp, they transformed into fast and strong runners. Not only just that, but they all bonded as a team and had the chance to get to know their teammates better. As a result it led them into becoming a hard working family.

Cross Country Teams

By Liz Zorrilla