If you missed last friday’s football game against Rancho Bernardo, fear not for The Jaguar Post is here to keep you informed and updated on current events happening all around our school. Around 6:30pm students and parents alike started piling into our football stadium, eager for a victory. However they left with the bitter taste of a loss in their mouths but hopes in their hearts for they knew that under the strict, but effective, coaching style of Rob Gilster the football team would prevail in the coming weeks. The fans, along with the rowdy crowd, boomed with cheers even when times looked tough. Despite the turmoil on the field, we could be heard and seen from miles away with our loud roar and fluorescent glow of neon shirts, shorts, hats, sunglasses, you name it. Since our school holds pride in our football team the games are not only a hangout spot for teens after school, but a community unifying event that reaches people of all ages. Everyone in the crowd was engrossed in the ups and downs of the game, from Mateo Sinohui’s amazing touchdowns to Kj Mazzetti’s interception in the last few minutes. The entire team played amazing, but it just wasn’t quite enough to pull a victory over the Broncos. The final score was a saddening 21-27 loss.

After Party!

By Madeline Marron