A long time ago a women was born, her name was Elia. She was born in a small town,  El Tumbador, Guatemala on November 18, 1936. Her mother was a maid and her father a tenet in the army. The father was one of those guys who got a lot of women pregnant and never stuck around. Being a single mother, and having many kids she  didn’t have enough money to support them. They lived in a shack with four walls and a roof, nothing much other than that. Later in the years Elia would tell her children how back then she would wake up on a dirt floor with chickens pecking at her head. Elia was severely malnourished, and would go without food.  When she would get food, she wouldn’t waste anything. Elia would even eat the bone marrow of chicken bones! It tastes disgusting! But she would still eat it, every single bone. Eventually there was a light, for the mother. There was an opportunity. The mother could sell Elia to a Prussian family. Then in Guatemala adoption was illegal, but this Prussian family wanted a child. As for all deals there was a catch. This catch was that Elia had to learn German in 6 months. She eventually learned German and was adopted. After that she was never hungry. Her new parents had a coffee plantation right outside El Tumbador. She grew up living a normal life. Elia also learned how to drive a stick shift car at the age of 12. This adoption was like winning a lottery.

She grew up on the plantation and finished high school. She then went to college in the United States. At that time not many women from Guatemala attended college, but she was one of them. Also she was one of the first women to drive in Guatemala. She enjoyed politics, art and accounting. Elia also won Miss Coffee Queen beauty pageant she was a well rounded person. She eventually graduated with an accounting degree from Penn Hall College in the USA. Then she worked at American Tobacco Company establishing herself as an independent young women.  

     At this time Guatemala’s government was becoming unstable and was being taken over by a communist regime. He was Árbenz. She used to tell stories how she would walk down the main street, where she would go shopping, and there would be tanks driving down the road. The army men would whistle at all the girls. The CIA eventually overthrew Árbenz communist regime and this gave back people’s rights.

    Later in the year her cousin Trotty wanted her to visit her in San Francisco.  So she flew into San Francisco, and met her cousin, also she met William. William was a cook in the army. Trotty thought she could be matchmaker and hook them up. After three dates William proposed. They went to Guatemala and got married. Then they flew back and settled down in a small town called Atherton. It was hard to move from her home country, but she thought if she had children, she would want them to prosper in a stable country. Elia wanted to prosper in her new country, and she served everyone. From church, community and at home. Which brings this question. Who was she as a person?  She was a person with a heart of gold, whenever you needed something done, she would have it to you the next day. She was the kind of person you can spot out as a wonderful, joyous person. She was Elia.