Prom can be known as a night that can never be forgotten. It can also be known as something that you work hard for to pay for the ticket, outfit, limo/party bus or unless if your parents are going to pay for all of that then it is just a night to remember. I listed multiple pros and cons for prom. Overall, it is an event that you spend with your high school buddies and a place where you get to create golden memories that you will remember forever.

– Getting dressed up.
– Take pictures
– Dancing to all types of music.
– Getting together with friends for one last night of fun
– Collecting souvenirs from the night, and admiring prom decorations.
– Can’t take off shoes and wear slippers to comfortably dance in.
– Students get turned away at the door if they don’t have a coat and tie or appropriate attire.
Prom costs
– Everything costs too much money.
– Hanging out with friends and having a good time.
– Seeing everyone else dressed up and how they’re looking.
– Being with everyone for hours straight