• Paris Fashion Week, Chanel criticized for felling 100-year-old trees
  • Heather Locklear was reportedly arrested for felony domestic violence and attacking a police officer.
  • Bill Cosby’s daughter Ensa dead at 44, reports say
  • Russia vetoes UN resolution citing Iran sanctions violation
  • Age to buy assault rifles to rise to 21
  • Many companies break ties with NRA


  • Trump appears to push for DOJ probe into Hillary Clinton scandal
  • A letter containing an unknown substance opened at a U.S. military base in Arlington, Virginia, leaves 11 people ill, with three being hospitalized
  • U.S. President Donald Trump names Brad Parscale as his 2020 presidential campaign manager as he formally declares he is running for re-election, a record 980 days before the election
  • A top intelligence official said Tuesday that the U.S. is “probably not doing enough” to combat Russian attempts to interfere in American elections — prompting the fury of several Democratic lawmakers
  • Hope Hicks resigns
  • NFL comin. to fine Jerry Jones
  • Apple to release a new trio of phones later this year
  • National Pancake day


  • Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart raise the minimum age for purchasing firearms to 21 and stop selling military-style semi-automatic rifles altogether
  • The International Olympic Committee restores the Russian Federation’s membership after the ban from the 2018 Winter Olympics
  • Kunsher overseas contacts raise concerns
  • US and Russian astronauts return landing in Kazicstazn
  • Heatwave hit north pole


  • Trump says US will impose steel and aluminum tariffs
  • NASA astronomers use the Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes in research implying that “hot Saturn” (high surface-atmosphere temperatures and gas giant-mass) exoplanet WASP-39b, located 700 light-years from Earth, has a large amount of water molecules in its atmosphere
  • overnight address to his nation, Russian President Vladimir Putin boasted of powerful new nuclear weapons


  • A massive winter storm occurs in the East Coast of the United States, leaving millions without power and cancelling thousands of airplane flights
  • Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denies White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders’ claim that Russia breached any international arms control pacts, after President Vladimir Putin’s March 1 speech on nuclear weapons


  • Teachers in Virginia, protest in 2 week walkout for 5% raise
  • an affair with her bodyguard brought down Nashville’s mayor, Megan Barry
  • At least six people have been killed in a ferocious storm that hammered the Northeast with powerful winds, relentless rain and historic flooding
  • In a message on Twitter, U.S. President Donald Trump says the U.S. will apply a tax on cars made in the European Union if the E.U. “further” increases tariffs
  • The Florida Senate rejects a bill to ban assault weapons and holds a moment of “silence and reflection” for the Parkland, Florida, victims


  • Oscars hit lowest ratings record ever
  • Shape of Water wins Best Picture