Current Events

VC vs. Esco

February 5

  • Billionaire in New York will not pay 90,000 dollars in taxes until something is done about the geese defecating his lawn
  • Trump calls House Intel Committee dem., whose committee investigates whether or not Trump colluded with Russia, a liar and leaker
  • Amtrak train crash in S. Carolina causes two deaths
  • Taiwan earthquake leaves several dead as rescuers desperately search for survivors. Earthquake was rated as a 4.6
  • The Dow has dropped sharply after the country experiences a boom and has returned to equilibrium.
  • Paul Simon announces his upcoming tour will be his last

February 6

  • SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk,  launched most powerful rocket, Falcon Heavy with a red Tesla on board
  • Trump accused dem. Of treason for not applauding after State of the Union address
  • S. Korea deployed military personnel after securities fell sick of norovirus outbreak
  • Poland will sign Holocaust bill that make it illegal to accuse poland of being complicit with nazi germany
  • Queen Elizabeth’s swans died of bird flu
  • Hostess employees get a year’s worth of free Twinkies and Ding Dongs as a bonus

Feb 7

  • Nancy Pelosi, house minority leader, gave 8 hour speech on immigration
  • Rob Porter, white house aid, resigned after 2 ex-wives came forward accusing him of domestic abuse
  • LA Times will be sold to billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong
  • Mr. Rodgers, from “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”  will be on a Stamp
  • ‘Hangry’ is officially a word in the Oxford English Dictionary

Feb 8

  • Norway accidently buys 16,000 eggs in a translation error

Feb 9

  • Canada’s President Trudeau corrects woman for using ‘mankind’ at town hall instead of “peoplekind”, which he considered to be more inclusive

Feb 10

  • John Mahoney, actor in Frazher, dies

Feb 11

  • Three British tourists killed in Grand Canyon helicopter crash, 4 others hospitalized
  • 18 killed as Venezuela army takes control of wildcat mine
  • Russian plane crash outside Moscow leaves 71 dead
  • Media–including CNN and The Washington Post–make Kim Jong Un’s sister a star at the Olympics, receive backlash later
  • Police: Man with knife kills 1, injures 12 at Beijing mall