Walking into this show I was a little skeptical because usually high school productions aren’t spectacular. However, this musical knocked my socks off! Just from the first scene, I knew I was going to be amazed. The best part of the show, from the casting aspect, was Micheal Yarush as Mr. Addams.┬áHe played the role perfectly, from his astounding ascent to how smooth his voice was. Also, the leading lady, Kimberly Nichols, was spectacular. She moved unbelievably gracefully as she danced and her voice could reach any note. Furthermore, the props and backdrops were beautifully done. From the gate, at the beginning of the play, to the Adams house backdrop, I was mesmerized and engrossed to the point I forgot I was just an audience member. Mrs. Zynda, the director, did a brilliant job bringing this show to life and creating the magic that I felt radiating from the stage. Overall, the students creation left me in awe, so I would full heartedly recommend watching this play if you haven’t already.

-Madeline Marron