For several years now Valley Center High School has offered a class called Floriculture. You might not know what it is or what it offers you. Well, Floriculture is a class that teaches you how to make  table arrangements, bouquets, or corsages. You can use these skills to make your own arrangements for a special occasion. For example, there is a project where each student in the class picks a time period that influenced the arrangement at that time. They had to research what their time period arrangement looked like, weather how big or how small and what kind of flowers they used back then. Once they had an idea of what the arrangements looked liked, they started to sketch an arrangement and make a list of what kind of flowers they needed. Once everyone had a list they all went down to Carlsbad to the International Floral Trade Market. This place allows vendors to sell their flowers to people who would like to come and buy in majorities. Ms. Bauer, the teacher of this class, gives the student $10 dollars to spend, if your group had 3 people in it, then you had $30 in total to spend. The students got all the flowers they needed and returned to school where they stated on their time period floral arrangements. If you would have gone to the media center 2 weeks ago you would have seen all the different time period arrangements that the Floral class did. Sadly the flowers have died and they needed to remove them from the Media center. Floriculture is a class that can offer you so much. Here are some pictures that Ms. Bauer took.

This is in front of the sign of the International Flora Trade Market.


These are all of the students with their flowers.

floriculture 2