After Rachel Favela finished 11th place at the San Diego CIF Division 4 Race, she was the 4th out of the five individuals for the race who qualified for the California State Meet. While others were starting their winter sports she was still training for her fall sport. On the morning of Thursday of the Thanksgiving break, Rachel got on a bus with Cathedral Catholic and Mt. Carmel also accompanied by her friends Madeline, Elizabeth, Hannah, and coaches to head to Fresno for the State Meet. They first arrived at the course around 2 o’clock after the bus ride of 6 hours. There, they jogged the racecourse of 5,000 meters (3.10 miles) to get a feel of the whole surroundings. Later that night, Mt. Carmel and VCHS went to eat a great big dinner at an Italian restaurant. Once everyone got back to the hotel, Rachel, Madeline, and Elizabeth decided to bond with Coach Cummings and his daughter, Hannah. While they were being taught a card game, Coach Whitcomb and Coach Winebarger joined them as well. The last words of advice was given to Rachel that night before the next big race and then they all rested. In the morning the three schools ate a good breakfast and headed to the course. Even with two false starts, Rachel ran a magnification race ending up in 110th place with a time of 20:58 minutes for the California Division 4 State Meet.

What were you doing on the bus on your way to Fresno?

I did some homework, chatted it up and played games with my friends and coach Whitcomb, and watched a couple episodes of my favorite tv show from netflix.

What was your first impression when you got to the course?

When I first got to the park, my first impression was ‘what a beautiful course!’ There were really pretty water fountains in the middle of the lakes and lots of trees with autumn colored leaves. The course itself was very refreshing because it wasn’t too hard but it still had a few ups and downs here and there to spice it up.

Did you see anyone familiar at the course practicing?

Yes, I saw one of my friends from our league, Amy Brown from Ramona HS; she’s a sophomore like me, very fast, and in division 3. I also saw another friend, Kimberly Cheung from Pacific Ridge HS who is also a sophomore and very fast; she placed 11th in D5! There were also lots of schools I recognized from San Diego and all the legendary state champs as well.

Did you have any intimidation, by who or what?

It was very intimidating to see all the athletes and just the amount of people there was crazy jam packed!

What was your routine in the morning for the big race?

Wake up early, get my uniform and sweats on, eat breakfast, and listen to my hype music.

Pre-race meal?

Normally oatmeal, fruit, and a boiled egg but I splurged since we had a buffet and ate some sausage and poppy seed muffins too. I also always have a glass of orange juice.

Goals before the race?

Just to finish the race and get sub 21 min.

San Diego section boy crush?

Hmmm no crush but I’d have to say cathedral catholic’s number 1 runner is pretty darn fast and legendary!

San Diego section girl crush?

Too many talented girls to choose from! If I had to choose one I guess it would be \Skyler Wallace from Sage Creek because she is a sophomore and already has a CIF title under her belt. Also, her team won this year so that’s pretty cool and she’s ripped! (6 pack goals!)

Any legendary runner you recognize at the meet?

CLAUDIA LANE!!! I got to be in the same race as her, a junior from Malibu High School who won Footlocker nationals as a sophomore! She has set records on pretty much every course she’s ran and even had the fastest time ever for a sophomore at nationals and during our race here at Fresno she beat the all-time record! We also saw Great Oak HS (in Temecula) and their girls team claim their 6th consecutive state title in D1!

Did you learn anything from your experience of racing?

For sure! Now I know the pace of the race so next year I won’t go too fast and I’ll really be able to race instead of just trying to survive haha.

Describe the race in one word


Do you have any plans in preparation for next year season?

Yes! Just train, train, and more training on top of my winter sport (soccer). During the summer I hope to get in some swimming and mountain biking training as well.

(Friday) Cathedral Catholic, Mt. Carmel and VCHS arrive to the course
Beautiful scenery of the park
(Friday) Schools setting up their camps and runners arriving
Friday in the morning, getting comfy for the 6 hour drive
Running legend Rachel was talking about, Claudia Lane from Malibu. Last year she won National Footlocker Meet just as a sophomore. This year she won the California Division 4 State Meet and ran in the same race as Rachel.
(Friday) Runners practicing striding for the star of the race