VC time may have told you that our long distance jags stopped running at league finals but little did they know they were wrong. The top 7 boys and girls headed to Morley field by Balboa park in San Diego to compete in some of their last races. Our girls ran first with senior captain Lupita Madera finishing at 34th. To finish their last season ever we have seniors Diana de Alba at 36th and Jessica Alvaro at 49th. Leading our team during the race we have sophomores Rachel Favela finishing at 11th, Madeline Marron at 23th, and Elizabeth Zorilla at 35th. Finally we have freshman Reese Brennan at 48th! Our girls team finished 4th overall (4 points away from 3rd!) putting them as the highest placing team in CIF for fall sports here at VCHS, you make us proud lady jags! On the boys side we were led by senior captains Luis Gonzalez at 14th and Andrew Tuttle at 32nd. Next up we have juniors Jose Saldana at 16th, Eli Martineau at 46, and Nathan Paz at 49. Reppin’ the sophomore class, Julian Alvarez claims 51 with freshman Dylan Rumble right behind him at 52 ending his rather impressive season.  The boys ended their season taking 6th place. But the not all jags are done yet. Rachel Favela qualifies for the California State meet making her the only fall sport athlete left; congratulations and kick butt in Fresno!