Fall is here my friends! Pumpkin spice latte, candles, and much more stuff! I come here to give your home more of a fall vibe. Your flower arrangement will look so nice on your table, and it will feel more like fall in the always green SoCal. img_5813

Your arrangement will consist of:

-a plastic pumpkin

– plastic orange,white,maroon,yellow, and red flowers

– plastic looking berries

– and a drill


So the first thing you will want to go is grab your pumpkin and draw a hole through the pumpkin with the drill carefully. img_5814

Do this multiple times for every flower and berry stems. Try not to put the holes to close to each other so the flowers won’t be too close together.


Then cut the stems off so they will fit in your pumpkin and put all the flowers through the holes.img_5815

Your arrangement will look something like this!img_5816

Now your table is ready for a fall themed dinner! Since everything is plastic then you can put it away once fall is over and take it out for next year. I hope you liked this beautiful arrangement.


Ericka Zorrilla