Hey Jags! Our racing jags are back at it with the dubs so let’s see who this meets studs are. Our JV lady jags started out the day strong, getting all the other teams pumped to perform just as well. Let’s give it up for freshman Reese Brennan since she got 1st place in the entire JV race! But the greatness doesn’t stop there! The rest of our top 5 scorers finished in the top 13! We have freshman Itzel Villabos in 6th, sophomore Isabella Merrick in 10th, junior Leah Chavez in 11th, and freshman Autumn DeGuzman in 13th which led to our team getting 1st place in that race. Great job JV ladies! Next up, Varsity Girls. They took 2nd place again, unfortunately losing to Ramona again but they aren’t too far behind! Our sophomores seem to be leading our score as Rachel Favela snatches 3rd place, followed by Elizabeth Zorilla in 7th, and Madeline Marron in 9th. Keep up the hard work and let’s get Ramona next time! 3rd race of the day, varsity boys who moved up to 3rd place. Leading the pack we have senior Team Captain Luis Gonzalez in 7th followed closely by junior Jose Saldana in 8th. Junior Eli Martineau finished 12th followed closely by senior Team Captain Andrew Tuttle in 15th. Impressive performance by freshman Dylan Rumble with 19th place again followed closely by senior Osvaldo Cruz in 20th. Way to stay together guys and let’s close the gap on Escondido and San Pasqual next week! Last but certainly not least we have JV boys. First off, we clearly have the biggest team with 19 boys so great job with that boys! Our boys had no mercy as they creamed everyone else with a mere 19 points! Escondido came in second with 47, San Pasqual 69, and Fallbrook 111. Way to get that lead boys! Winning the race we have sophomore Alejandro Cuevas followed by junior Jorge Montiel in 2nd and junior Julio Cardenas in 3rd. We then have sophomore Pablo Benitez in 6th and junior Daniel Maldonado in 7th putting all our top 5 scorers in the top 7, wow! They were a small 4 points away from getting the lowest score possible in cross country! You can do it boys! With 2 wins, a second, and a third, Valley Center clearly outdid all the other schools. This Friday (the 4th) the junior varsity jags will race to claim their league titles. Great job to all of our racing jags, close the gap, and keep on winning!

Rachel Favela