On Friday the 20th of October we had our annual Jaguar Invitational for cross country at Kit Carson Park. This year it went off with very few hitches thanks to all of our volunteers, students and most importantly our coaches. We had about 200 schools attend with about 1900 athletes competing, the most in jaguar history! Even though we had so many athletes, the races when smoothly with Lexi Watkins clocking in at an astounding 16:12 for 2.75 miles for the girls, and with Jaron Farnham with an incredible time of 15:49 for 3.05 miles on the guys side!

Sadly, very many athletes were resting up for another invitational called mt. SAC on Saturday, so we missed out on the chance to see some amazing athletes run like Teresa Perez and Claudia Lane. However, we did over hear someone say “this was a fun meet and way cheaper then mt. SAC” so we may have even more athletes next year! Also if you are looking for volunteer hours the Jaguar Invitational is a great place to get them because it is filled with fun, good company and even a free t-shirt!

Madeline Marron