Look at the nearest calendar. It’s already October 17th; the days before Halloween number a scanty fourteen. In those next fourteen days, it would be easy to forget all about that perfect costume idea you came up with July in the midst of the busy lifestyle everyone now lives; you may even feel so overwhelmed with trying to come up with a costume and obtain the needed pieces that you’re questioning dressing up at all. However, that would be a shame, because there are hundreds of easy to put together Halloween costumes just waiting to be picked up. With a trip to a nearby Goodwill, you can pick up an assortment of clothes and put together a stellar Sia or Lady Gaga costume from a white-blonde wig or a nude bodysuit with clear balls glued onto it. If dressing like popular singers isn’t quite your thing; you could dress up as your favorite superhero or tv show hero. While it would be impossible to fully dissect the wide range of costumes available from the tv show/movie genre, you could dress up as The Flash, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Wonder Woman or Katana. Even though some of these costumes are time-consuming to put together if not picked up in a store, you could be recognizable if you could fashion a signature piece of theirs; like Wonder Katana’s swords, Captain America’s shield, Wonder Woman’s cuffs, Thor’s hammer, or the Flash’s helmet. You could even fashion “metal gloves” out of boxing gloves, metallic paint, and tape for Iron Man. If you obtain some khakis you could have fun being a “prisoner,” from Orange is the New Black, or with some pale face makeup and a long trench coat, you could star as everyone’s favorite detective, Sherlock. Although the inspiration from TV shows or movies is vast, you could also turn to media for inspiration and use makeup to look like the snapchat filters of deers or as a taco face. There are a myriad of halloween costume inspirations that you can draw on to enable yourself to embody some of your character’s attitude or simply have a fun night being something or someone else. It is important, though, to remember that your costumes are meant to entertain and that is never alright to appropriate someone else’s culture when dressing up. We as a people need to remember that Halloween costumes are meant to showcase your creativity and allow yourself to have fun and that creative spirit should always be respectful.

Written By Susanna Givan