I know what you’re thinking in this exact moment. I’m not a mind reader, but I can just tell. Everybody’s probably thinking the same thing; this is going to be one of those cheesy articles that tells you that you’re never too old to trick or treat. Obviously, it is a social stereotype that anyone over around 15 should stop trick or treating. However, many “refuse” to abide by it, but still find themselves stopping. Well, I’m here to tell you that this is in fact one of those articles.

     I think it’s imperative for everyone to have that one cheat month, where you won’t be judged for having candy for every meal. It’s a nice break from our daily lives to go out for one night and eat all of the candy that you want. It may be embarrassing dressing up as a princess when you’re sixteen years old, but I’m here to tell you that if everyone’s doing it, you’ll be perfectly fine. You don’t even have to dress up, because if you’re just in it for the free candy, then take your little sibling out and “chaperone” them, while also stopping at every house. Although it may be cheesy, never lose sight of the fact that you’re simply going out and getting candy, and in my and a billion other people’s opinions, that’s a pretty wise idea. Would you rather go to the store and pay money for candy that you can just receive, no additional fees? Well, maybe besides the cavities.

Written By Sarah Bowling