As the school year goes on, more tests and quizzes will be given. These tips on studying may help students throughout this school year and many to come.
1). Write down what needs to be studied and what homework you have.
This can help manage with the stress that comes with trying to remember everything that needs to be done. You will also remember to study, so you won’t have to be reading your papers last minute on the way to class.
2) Make sure you give yourself plenty of time before.

You might struggle to memorize facts if you are busy wondering how you’re going to remember all the facts in ten minutes. Giving yourself time will be more peaceful than rushing to remember what is on your test or quiz.
3) Keep the distractions away.
It’s hard to study when you see your phone lighting up every time you look at your paper. Some people may like to listen to music, but try not to make a habit of looking at your phone every 5 minutes.
4) Give yourself a break
This will give your mind time to rejuvenate. It will relieve you of all your hard work, and it’ll make sure you don’t overload on information.
5) Try different studying methods until you find one that works for you.
Some people like to write it out and others like to read it over and over. Some prefer to read it out loud or draw something visual to understand it better. Finding the right method for you, it will make studying easier and more efficient.

By Leah Chavez