Technology; the aspect of our lives that seems to consume most of our days. Some don’t even realize it’s consuming time, some don’t even realize that it’s consuming them. Studies show that we check our devices at least 85 times a day, whether it’s to check the time or to go on social media. You may be surprised at this data, but it’s okay though right? We’re not missing out on real life while we’re plugged in because we’re virtually unplugged? As confusing as that sounds, it means that while you are missing out on real life interaction, you are still interacting with people through a screen. However, is it really true interaction, or is it technology manipulating us into believing that we are forming real conversations and relationships through our phones?

Have you ever been really good friends with a person online, but when you finally see them in person, it’s as though you don’t know the person the slightest bit? That is the manipulation of technology; it makes you believe that you are truly obtaining a real life experience through your phone, but the truth is, the only way to have that experience is by unplugging and going out to live your life. We all may be guilty of it, but staring at a screen for a good two hours every day simply makes us more alone. It isolates us from the beauty of what’s beyond a virtual reality, a concept of the mind. Technology is a dystopian world that distracts us from the people around us. Although it is not all bad, it takes us back farther and farther from the friends and relationships that are yet to come. So, as we near the end of this article, a nice challenge for you would be to unplug for an hour, and experience the world around you.

Written by Sarah Bowling ­čÄ│