So we all might have a date for homecoming, so today we are going to make the popular boutonniere. It’s easy, quick, and really cute. I will guide you, so you can make him a perfect boutonniere.

What you will need is:

-a nice flower

– leaves

-floral tape

– a filler


-boutonnieres pin

-piece of ribbon

– scissors

First you will need to cut the stem of the flower to about 1 inch from the bottom. We don’t want big stem near your dates chest. If using a rose try to carefully take off the mistreated pedals. You don’t necessarily need a rose. You can use any nice flower for this, but the flower is the main focus of the boutonniere. Have your leaves ready because they will be the background of your flower. Try to use a filler or a look alike form a rosemary. Add it next to the rose or in front, however you like it.

Now have everything nice and together because you will tape it. You can buy floral tape at Michaels, but electric tape will hold up good for one night. Make sure that you secure everything nicely. We don’t want to have it all lose because it will be easier for it to fall.

The tape doesn’t have a nice look. So we will need to add a piece of ribbon to cover it so it will look nice and clean. Cut a piece that is at least 3-4 inches so it can neatly wrap around the stems.

A boutonniere is usually places over the person’s chest on the left side through their shirt or suit. Be careful while poking the pin, so you don’t hurt your date. We want the pin to be sideways from left to right or right to left. Start from the inside of the shirt/ suit, poke the stem carefully and poke it back into the shirt. We want both of the ends of the pin to be under the shirt and not visible. Careful that you don’t poke the person. Here is how it will look like.

And there you have it! Now you are ready for homecoming and ready to have a good time. I hope this was useful and have a good time at homecoming!

By Ericka Zorrilla