Everything about ASE
Here is everything about the upcoming ASE year from ASE classes to the bus schedule. ASE began Tuesday, September 5th. It is held Monday-Thursday 2:45-3:45 on regular days and 2:07-3:07 on block days. ASE provides a free snack and a drink before boarding the buse or driving home, just go to room 801 before leaving.

ASE Bus Schedule-

Use the following link to find out what bus to take:
Bus Schedule

Benefits of ASE-

ASE is the place to be if you need help with your school work, need community service (PB&J club) or want to try something new. It also provides the opportunity to meet new people or get on the good side of your teachers. Be sure to check out ASE to see what they have in store! 🙂

By Melissa Loera