Our Jaguar sports teams have torn up the playing field all over San Diego county, but it’s not often we go out of state. You might have noticed a few empty chairs in class the first couple of days of school. That’s because our very own Varsity Jaguar football team spent a week in Hawaii and came back with a win! We interviewed our very own Esai Morales and Kj Mazzetti and learned that they arrived late the Sunday before school started and moved into their temporary condo homes. On Monday they had a very hot and humid morning practice and learned the importance of hydration. After morning practice on Tuesday, they headed over to a waterfall and swam in the water. Later in the day, they headed to a big gorgeous beach. On Wednesday, they started script, which is where they go over all the plays for the big game. Afterwards they went snorkeling and in the evening went to a luau! On Thursday, after going over more script, the football players relaxed and had their pre-game day to themselves. Friday, the big day! They slept in and headed to the school at about 3:00 for a 6:00 start time. Kj says the defense played a great game resulting in a shutout for the Kamehameha Warriors. He also said that it was a little tough to throw the ball due to very strong winds but nothing could stop them. Our jags fought hard and brought home that 34-0 win!

What a great way to kickoff the season! Thanks for the interview Esai and Kj, can’t wait to watch you guys at Friday Night Lights!



By Rachel Favela