By Liz Zorrilla

Although the summer hasn’t ended yet, we can still feel the summer heat. It’s essential to keep hydrating especially for athletes that are in the sun. It can be challenging drinking plain water but we can use our creativity to upgrade water to make it more tasty. Making infused water is quick and easy. There are 3 simple steps, all you will need is any kind of fresh fruit, water, and a container or a water bottle to keep your water nice and cool. Here are some creative and refreshing infused drinks.

First off, we have the hibiscus and mandarin infused water. You can find dry hibiscus flowers in any super market and you can slice up some oranges or peel mandarins. It also gives it a nice a colorful look to it and you will look fancy drinking it.

We also have watermelon with cilantro infused water. It might sound a little weird but the cilantro complements the watermelon, bot by the colors but also by the taste. These ingredients might be the best combination.

The final recipe is lime, cucumber with mint. This drink is the most refreshing infused drink. The mint gives it a nice and flavored taste and the cucumber will give it some sort of cool and refreshing element to the drink.

These are some ideas that I have found. You can also make your own with any type of herb or fruit that you have in your kitchen. I hope you enjoys these recipes, and remember to always stay hydrated.