The high school ladder is one that is tough to overcome. This ladder creates a basis for respect and maybe not so much respect. At the top of the ladder comes the seniors, who deserve all the respect, as they have endured the booing and slow process of overcoming it. Just below that, we have the juniors. The juniors know the process and know the struggle just like the seniors do, but the haven’t quite climbed their way all the way up yet. Next, we have the sophomores who have just come fresh out of the booing, who like to inflict most of it as a matter of fact, just because the struggle is still fresh in their minds. Then come the freshmen. Oh yes, the freshmen. They might have experienced a little snippet of the booing at the pep rally on Friday, but what is yet to come can prepare no one. As the freshmen try to cheer themselves on to try to quiet the booing, it just doesn’t work. So that leads us to the question that is itching at the back of our minds. Is booing the 9th graders a little too harsh, or is it simply a right of passage. I think it’s the upperclassmen just giving the young ones a hard time. This is exactly what we are doing, but it’s not in a manner that comes from a place of hate or disgust. It actually comes from a place where us upperclassmen just want to establish that their time will come, but their time is definitely not now. Freshmen come fresh (hence their name) out of 8th grade where they “ruled the school”. Walking into high school can be frustrating, because now they have to start all over again. We all had to go through it, and we all got past it. When a person joins a new club or organization, everyone gives them a hard time for simply being the newcomer. Then, someone new comes along and you find yourself and everyone else veering the unwanted attention onto them. It simply is just a right of passage. You can’t walk into something amazing without expecting hardships. When upperclassmen boo the freshmen, we want your respect because we were once the newcomers too, and we went through the same thing. In a way, I actually enjoyed being booed as a freshmen. As crazy as that sounds, I felt like I was actually being recruited into something bigger than middle school. So basically what I’m trying to say is, don’t worry freshmen. You will get past this. Are you going to get the respect that you desire? Definitely not. We know you must hate it now, but next year when you become a sophomore, you will have no problem booing the new ones. So stick it out, endure it, and have a fun year, because it only gets harder from there.


By Sarah